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Piaggio Liberty 125 cc 4T ABS

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The Liberty is a large wheeled and top selling scooter from Piaggio. Since its global introduction in 1997, the Liberty has sold nearly 1 million units.

While large wheels offer practical advantages in braking and handling, the large rear wheel does cut into the storage space. Piaggio is claiming a 50% increase in underseat storage with the new generation to 17L, but this is still less than half the underseat space some smaller wheeled scooters have. Thus, a full face helmet can’t be securely stowed under the seat and only an open face helmet will fit.

If you’re less interested in a sporty or retro scooter and just want a modern machine for reliable transportation, then the Liberty is a good choice.

Compared to most scooters, the Liberty is quite a bit more sure-footed on rough roads due to it’s larger wheel. With a 16” front wheel and 14” in the back, the Liberty will handle pot holes and railroad tracks with much less drama than a scooter on 12” rims. Larger wheels also make the scooter more stable at higher speeds, so large wheeled scooters have a lot of practical benefits.

The suspension of the Liberty is standard fare, with 3” of travel front and back. The rear suspension is a single shock which does feature adjustable pre-load. Also worth noting is that the Liberty is fairly light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

The minimum age limit is 18 years. Scooter rentals are not allowed to persons who have not ridden one before or have had no experience in using one.

The driver must have European or international driving license for the corresponding category scooter, be valid and have been issued in the country of residence of the rental at least one year before the rental date. 

Please note: If you are not European citizen you need to have International Driving Permit

All rental prices include simple liability insurance (Third party).

The renter is liable for any damage or theft (partial or total) caused to rented scooter up to the amount of its commercial value at the time of the accident / theft.

Theft Security: Applies only after agreement at an extra cost. All scooters are equipped with a steering lock.

CAUTION: No Insurance Coverage Not Applicable:

  1. If anything happens and found that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
  2. For damage caused by driving on unpaved roads. 
  3. For damages caused to the bottom of the bike, the tires and rims. 
  4. For accidents caused by a driver not declared in the lease contract. 
  5. Accidents for which the renter has not informed Best Moto and submit an accident report, as defined by the Greek legislation, regardless of fault. 

Amounts relating to the damage or loss of the scooter, is paid directly by the renter even if he is insured by debit / credit card. In this case, the renter is obliged to pay to Best Moto entire cost of repair or replacement of the scooter. 

Exempt insurance

(CDW): By paying an extra amount the renter is able to avoid compensation up to 250 € (Cat.A) that can cause the motorcycle on his own responsibility. Excluding losses caused to the bottom of the bike, the tires, rims and exhaust. 

In case of mechanical damage the renter must immediately inform the rental company by email at or by phone at +30 22430 48724.

In an accident, the renter is obliged within 24 hours to declare the incident, otherwise immediately become solely responsible for any damage caused. 

The renter explicitly agrees that Best Moto is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damage suffered by the lessee or third parties during the rental period and no claim can be raised against the company for the above reasons. The types of scooters and bikes that appear in the photographs are indicative. 

In special cases, Best Moto retains the right to replace every motorcycle type with another of the same category or superior.

Fuel costs are paid exclusively by the renter. The renter is obliged to return the scooter to the contents of the tank so that it is as when it is received.

There is no extra charge for helmets. We offer a free helmet for 50cc scooter or two free helmets for 125 cc scooter.


We offer special prices for groups on request, by hiring at least for 5 days period and or by hiring at least 4 scooters during this period. Just send as email or fill the booking form, to confirm availability.


All scooters have standard rental insurance and are in the best condition. We run a regular check during the season and also in the winter the scooters are full serviced for the upcoming season.


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